When it comes to running an e-commerce business that has a small team working for it, you can sometimes feel the morale lagging a bit. This can make you wonder what might have caused it, and how you can give your team a little pick-me-up to make them happier in the workplace again. 

However, figuring out how to do this might be a problem, as this sudden drop in morale might be due to a number of things. One solution that might help is employee swag. 

What is employee swag?

Employee swag is branded items that you can give to your employees for promotional reasons, and also because you just might want to give them something nice that they don’t have to pay for. These can be anything from mugs, to hand creams, to USB drives. 

Not only is this a nice touch, but you can buy your items in bulk which means that you can always let them choose what they want and save the rest for another time. This can be a good way to make sure that your employees feel cared for. Here are three ways you can use employee swag to raise morale and help your business in the process. 

#1 It gives a sense of unity and togetherness

If you get everyone shirts or even badges, it can help them feel more like a team. It can bring a feeling of unity, which might even boost teamwork and work enjoyment levels. It can also be good if you are out and about on lunch break or after work, as it can advertise your business even when you’re not working. 

#2 It can help with social media

When you are celebrating a launch or the end of a tough project, you might want to take it to social media to build hype. This can be a great opportunity to have your workers wear their shirts or use their items. For example, you could have two co-workers posing a ‘cheers’ position while using their branded coffee mugs. 

#3 Getting surprise gifts, or even something back for their hard work, can make them happy

This can be a good way to get their mood up after pushing to get a product out of the door with little time. Giving some thing back to your workers can be a great way to get your business’ morale up, especially if it’s something they might want. It can also be fun to give them out as prizes if people have done especially well. 

A few final thoughts

When it comes to increasing morale in the workplace, you might want to consider employee swag, which might not just benefit your business, but also help your employees be happier. Whether it’s giving them as a well-done gift for doing a good job, or helping your campaign on social media, or even just making them feel as though they are all part of a team through company shirts or badges, you might help their morale a bit by using this solution. 

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