If you want to move to Ghana but you are worried about earning an income, or you already live there and want to improve the amount of money you make, you are not alone. When considering where you live, you certainly do need to think about what you might do for a living and how much you can earn so you know you can afford the living expenses and the lifestyle you want. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to make money – or extra money – in Ghana. 

Be A Landlord 

Property is proving to be a very popular move in Ghana. There is a lot of building work going on thanks to plenty of investment, meaning that more and more apartment buildings and single dwelling properties are being built. This is great news for those looking for a new home, but it is also fantastic for those looking to boost their income. The reason for this is that (assuming you have the funds) you can buy one of the new apartments advertised at the Ghana Property Centre and rent it out. In that way, you become a landlord and earn an income from the rent your tenants pay you. 

Over time, as your finances improve, you might even decide to buy more than one apartment and build an entire business around being a landlord, although that is not something you have to do if you are happy renting out just one property. With the property marketing in Ghana being so vibrant and so many people wanting to live there, being a landlord – once you get over the initial hurdles and costs – is a great idea. 

Be A Substitute Teacher 

The government of Ghana has put and continues to put a large amount of money into the country’s education system. This shows in the fact that the schools are exceptional, and the pupils go on to do great things. If you have the qualifications required or are willing to work towards them, you could become a substitute teacher. 

Schooling is so important in Ghana that substitute teachers are always in demand. Whether they are required to fill in for someone who is sick so the children do not miss out of any of their education, or they are there temporarily until a permanent teacher can be found (perhaps in a new school still looking for staff); they are certainly in high demand. 

The beauty of being a substitute teacher in Ghana is that you are free to choose where you work and when. You will always find work when you need it, but if you want some time off to travel or do something else, you will have that choice. 

Be A Waiter Or Waitress 

There are always events happening in Ghana – it is something the country does very well. Seemingly no matter where you go on any given day or night, someone somewhere (and often more than one person in many places) will have a party, celebrating a special occasion or perhaps just because they wanted to have fun. 

Although not all parties in Ghana will be catered ones, many will be, and waiting staff will be required to serve the guests. If you are a waiter or waitress in Ghana, you will never be out of work, and you can enjoy the party atmosphere too. Plus, you might even be able to boost your income with tips. 

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