As an accountant, there are plenty of different opportunities open to you. From working for the government to consulting on Fintech startups, you can build an exciting and profitable career. You don’t have to just spend your life number-crunching. Here are 8 business ideas for accountants. 

Tax Preparation

Of course, this is the most obvious business opportunity for accountants. With tax season just around the corner, it’s never too early to start looking into your options. You can take two main paths: prepare taxes yourself or sign up as an affiliate for a third-party company. 

Real Estate Appraisal

Property appraisal is in demand in every city. If you’re an accountant who knows how to spot under-appreciated property (and understand zoning laws), this might be the business opportunity you’ve been looking for. However, it’s worth noting that it can take quite a while to master your craft, so patience is key here. On top of that, it’s a good idea to get properly licensed and certified before you do any real estate appraisal work.

Accountancy Firm Owners

If you are good at what you do, why not open your own accountancy practice? Setting up shop doesn’t have to be too difficult. Just check out accounting practice sales and gain the certificates you’ll need. After that, you just need to find some clients, and the work should keep rolling in.

Remote Bookkeeping

If you are not keen on working in an office for someone else, why not offer your bookkeeping services as a remote worker? It’s just as viable as any other business opportunity, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out. Setting up shop through Upwork is a great place to start – just be aware that you’ll need to have some sort of portfolio to attract clients.

Financial Consulting

No matter where might be, there are plenty of other businesses out there that need your help. From Fintech startups to large corporations, everyone is looking for financial consulting these days. It’s also a flexible business opportunity – if you want to go full-time, part-time, or completely freelance, it can all work out well as long as you know how to market yourself properly.

Finance Software Tutoring

If you’re a whiz at Excel and other finance software, why not offer your services as a tutor? There are many other people out there who just can’t get the hang of these programs – so if you’re good with them, why not teach someone else? You can even do it via Skype or something similar.

Collection Agency

Many accountants are well-versed in debt collection, so it’s no surprise that this can be another viable business opportunity. Of course, depending on where you live, you may need some licenses (like a copyright license) for this type of work – but it shouldn’t be too difficult or time-consuming.

Mortgage Reduction

If you don’t want to work for a bank, why not go into mortgage reduction? Many people can’t afford their monthly payments, and it’s your job to determine the best way out of that situation. It’s definitely another business idea that will require some licenses (like a real estate appraiser license) – but if you do your research, you can start a lucrative career in very little time.