Wade is the founder and CEO of 2 College Brothers Moving, Storage and Franchising, host of the Grow Your Moving Company Podcast, and co-founder of Moving Titan Retreats. Wade started his moving company with $600 and a pickup truck at the age of 21 while a student at the University of Florida over 11 years ago, grew it to a multi-million dollar business with multiple locations, and is now franchising the concept. He hosts the longest actively running moving industry podcast and is co-founder of Moving Titan Retreats, a mastermind retreat that brings together ambitious moving company owners from around the world to uplift the moving industry. Wade has a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from UF and is currently an owner of 5 businesses.

Connect with Wade Swikle:

Website: http://www.2collegebrothers.com 

Social Media: @wadeswikle or @2collegebrothers_moving  

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