Michael Mohammed is the Chief Executive Officer and President at Chronic Tacos Enterprises, Inc., where he oversees the strategic vision of the fast casual Mexican restaurant brand. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Michael attended Saint Martin’s University in Washington State, where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration. Michael and his three brothers first became affiliated with Chronic Tacos in 2010 when they helped finance the chain’s expansion into Canada. After seeing the potential that the brand had for growth, they decided to take over the entire franchise in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. Michael is involved with every aspect of its vision, brand, and strategy. He brings a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to his position at the company, having worked previously as a Financial analyst at Boeing and then in sales for their family business Cattermole Group before becoming President in 2004 focusing the company on Investment and Real Estate projects. He is also a member of both the California Restaurant Association and the International Franchise Association.

Randy Wyner is the founder of Chronic Tacos, the Southern California chain of fast-casual Mexican food restaurants. Born and raised in Orange County, Randy draws his inspiration from the distinct Californian food culture. Randy grew up on authentic Mexican food and signature SoCal taquerias. It was his belief that the tastiest taquerias tended to be small, family-owned shops that led him to open his first Taco shop using third generation family recipes he acquired from a close family friend. When Randy was struck with the idea of made-to-order Mexican food that was both fast and fresh, Chronic Tacos was born.

Giving back to the community is important to Randy. Together with Chronic Tacos CEO Michael Mohammed and the entire Chronic Tacos team, they support nonprofits such as the Eco-Warrior Foundation where they participate in four beach clean-ups a year and provide free food to the volunteers. Randy is also a resident of Laguna Beach and is currently working on a Chronic Tacos partnership with SchoolPower, a program that works with and benefits Laguna Beach schools.

When Randy’s not at Chronic Tacos, he enjoys exploring new food and taking in the southern California scene whether at the beach, at a live music show or participating in local community events. He also loves attending beach events with his children and grandson.

Connect with Michael Mohammed and Randy Wyner from Chronic Taco:

Website: https://www.chronictacos.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronictacos/ 

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