Reach Us Here: Randy – @randallkjones Eric Schurenberg – @EricSchurenberg   Show Notes by Show Producer: Anna Nygren   In this episode, Randy and Eric discuss: How Eric approached going from Editor and Chief of Inc. Magazine to CEO of Mansueto Ventures Are we overdoing the “entrepreneur” job pursuit? Having entrepreneurial spirit Distributing content Key Takeaways: Entrepreneurs are the ones who have the best stories – the most drama, are the most open to talking, and their actions are consequential Eric feels the free enterprise economy can’t exist without entrepreneurs… they are the true heroes of the American economy By having your business verified and listed on, it increases your search engine value You can’t get too settled in a dynamic free enterprise economy     “There’s a general recognition that job creation and innovation, the real vitality of a free enterprise economy starts with the small companies… starts with people who go out and pursue an idea.” – Eric Shurenberg   Connect with Eric Schurenberg: Twitter: @EricSchurenberg LinkedIn: Website:   Connect with Randall Kenneth Jones: Twitter: @randallkjones Facebook: Website:

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