In Dark Justice, Che Holloway plays Amir Johnson, the first black cop in a small town. We talk entertainment, racism, selling yourself and so much more today on The Nice Guys.


Don’t be afraid of taking risks, things will always remain a “what if”, if you dont try. Life is too short to play it safe, im learning this personally in my own journey throughout life.


Definitely visit DARK JUSTICE, we have lots of cool information and announcements up there, our web site is were also available on Youtube, Funny or Die, Stream Now TV (a streaming service hosting Indi films and shows), Vimeo and Daily Motion!

Two films up on streamnowtv for your consideration, PRESSURE, written and directed by Reginald Altidor, tells the story of an ex con who comes back home and is forced to make a heavy decision to support his family. Another film, MODIEVAL written and directed by Bryan Ribiero, is a kids/family/fantasy short about a wizard and a knight on a quest for treasure. This film has a fun spin because of its RPG sequences similar to Scott Pilgrim, directed by Edgar Wright.

As for upcoming projects, there’s one I’m really excited about, its called Elysian Field, its a cross between being a period piece/fantasy/action and drama, Elysian Field, written by Carlos Alvarez ( 8 is infinity) and Directed by Jon Leyton (GrandMasterElephant) is in post production and a teaser of this film can be found in both my personal reels ( and on I will keep people updated about this project through my social media, when you think of Elysian Field, think of a cross of Othello and Django Unchained…yeah..


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