Daniel Packard is a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer and CEO of Permanent Anxiety Solutions whose research company engineered world’s only permanent anxiety solution program where you only pay at the end of the program, once you have clear, measurable results.

Based on this discovery Daniel and his team spent a total of 8 years, working with over 3000 people (from 5 continents) to develop, test and perfect an innovative 6-week program that in just 6 weeks solves all forms of anxiety permanently with an industry-leading 90% success rate.

This 6-week program called Nervous System Reset has helped hundreds of individual clients but also over 3000 people at over 300 companies and universities all over the world.

Daniel’s company is the only one in the world to offer a permanent anxiety solution with backed-up results. This is because Daniel passionately believes what his dad told him years ago, which is that if you really want to make people’s lives better… results matter.

Visit http://www.danielpackard.com to get a free 45-minute training where you could learn an innovative technique to feel much less anxious easily and quickly.

Connect with Daniel Packard:

Website: http://www.danielpackard.com 

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