Anne Hamer is a top-rated Nashville family lawyer and SuperLawyer who focuses her practice on high asset and conflict cases, helping clients take control of their divorce and making the process work for them. With a Doctor of Law from NYU and a background in complex commercial litigation, she handles cases in both Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. She has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer, and discretion and professionalism drive her operation, ensuring that clients’ privacy is protected and expenses are optimized through collaboration within her team. She also guides parents through post-divorce parenting plans that allow children to thrive in a new family structure. Her boutique service allows her to have involvement in every aspect of the case, from start to finish, with flexible availability to clients after traditional working hours, moving clients from a victim mentality into a catalyst for a happier life.

As a nationally recognized speaker for family lawyers, she has presented at conferences and webinars with both the American Bar Association Family Law Section (ABA) and the Tennessee Bar Association. She is a Rule 31 trained civil and family law mediator with domestic violence mediation training and completed the ABA Family Law Trial Advocacy course from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA). She holds memberships in several organizations, including the Memphis Bar Association, American Bar Association, Nashville Bar Association, Tennessee Leadership, and the Association of Women Attorneys.

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