Alison Mullins, a seasoned professional in the stone and construction industry, has introduced a series of customized workshops, seminars, and boot camps centered around her recent book, “The Art of Selling,” which was launched in August 2023 and rapidly became Amazon’s #1 New Release in the entrepreneur development category. These educational programs are aimed at enhancing sales and business development skills, catering to companies seeking to improve their revenue streams.

Mullins, with over two decades of experience in sales, merchandising, and marketing, brings a wealth of expertise to her offerings. She has held leadership positions in industry organizations and is a renowned speaker at various events. Her workshops and boot camps are based on a 12-week method adaptable to groups of all sizes and can span from one to 120 days. These programs cover all aspects of the sales process, from lead management to brand development and expertise cultivation. Additionally, Mullins provides online classes for CEU credits and keynote speaker services.

Mullins is also dedicated to supporting women and girls in the industry, recognizing the importance of attracting female talent. She is actively involved in a camp for girls interested in construction and related fields, organized by the National Association of Women in Construction. Mullins spent time volunteering at this camp in Richmond, VA, during the summer.

Overall, Alison Mullins’ workshops and boot camps offer valuable insights and strategies to improve sales and business development, with a strong focus on empowerment and inclusivity in the industry.

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