At age 81, Dr. Ron Kaiser leads a lifestyle that would be considered super-active at any age. In addition to his full-time “day job” as Director of Psychology at one of the world’s leading headache centers, his other full-  time job is creating innovative positive approaches to helping people of all ages maximize their potential for success and happiness. He has developed The Mental Health Gym website and is the creator of Goal-Achieving Psychotherapy and the concept of the Type P Personality. Books he has written include, “WHAT CAN GO RIGHT? The Thinking Person’s Guide to Making Good Things Happen,” and  the recently published, “REJUVENAGING: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm”. He regularly works out at the gym, takes a yoga class, attends concerts, lectures, social, and sporting events, and also finds time  to be a devoted husband and active father and grandfather. Dr. Kaiser is a dynamic speaker and interviewee whose audiences always leave with core principles and practical ideas for building emotional strength in order to thrive. 

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