In the last 3 years Terry Lancaster quit drinking, lost 60 pounds, ran for the last 354 days in a row, wrote a book, ran across the Golden Gate Bridge, and spoke at TedX. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys Podcast today.


He is writing, speaking and helping others build better lives one better decision at a time. Here’s more that we learned about Terry on the podcast:


– He stopped drinking for 30 days, and it felt so good that he quit for another 30 days. He kept that up for 3 years and is still not drinking.      

– He uses the Pomadoro technique- 25 minutes of concerted effort can get almost anything done.     

 – He also follows the Charles Emerson Winchester technique- Do 1 thing. Do it very well. Move onto the next.     

 – Nothing will ever be perfect, not your business, not your life. But you have the right, the resources and the responsibility to make them better.     


– His book “Better! Self-Help for the Rest of Us” will be published Dec. 28. The digital book will be free during launch week, until midnight New Year’s Eve. Special prices and bonuses all week on the softcover, hardcover and audiobook. see for more info


Get in touch with Terry- 800-352-3305



The Pomodoro Technique-


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