Alex Berman is the master of the personalized sales lead. Hear how he does it on The Nice Guys podcast today.


Here are some things to know about Alex Berman:


– He had to get fired from his former company so they could re-hire him to do what he really wanted to do. 

– He generated over $16 million in B2B leads and closed over $2 million in business so far.    

– He is a big fan of focusing on one thing intently for a decade at a time.

– He is a digital nomad currently moving to a new city every month.    


Here are a few things we learned from Alex on the podcast:    


  • How to send an email without seeming scammy or “un-nice”    


  • How to ethically fake an introduction    


  • Why cold emailing is one of the most underused marketing channels for new and growing businesses.


  • Always include an actionable item at the end of an E-Mail, end with a question mark, not a period.


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