He has been an adviser to the White House since the 90’s, worked on President Obama’s senate and presidential campaigns, is Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, helps Hillary Clinton prepare for debates, and was made fun of on SNL, and now Ron Klain is helping entrepreneurs. Hear about it on today’s Nice Guys podcast.


So much to tell about Ron:

– Obama’s fix-it Man     

– Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff     

– Adviser to the White House since the 90’s     

– The U.S.’s First Ebola Czar (He was even made fun of on SNL)     

– General Counsel for former AOL chairman Steve Case     

– Currently helping Hillary Clinton prepare for her presidential debates     

– Part of the team at Revolution LLC, a company helping entrepreneurs change the world.


Talk about keeping a lot of balls in the air! Here’s some of his advice for keeping it all in balance:


-Surround yourself with good people.     

– See the potential in new people and help them however you can.     

– Weave people together within your network.     

– His kids are sometimes embarrassed by the time he spends on Facebook networking.     

– Know what you want to say “yes” to.     

– Have a long term view.     

– Do what you love. You may fail, but learn from that and do better next time.     


How to reach Ron-

Twitter- @RonaldKlain


http://www.revolution.com/ They’re theme- “Entrepreneurs are fueling innovation- we are throwing kerosene on the fire to support ideas that change the world.”


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Don’t underestimate the Power of Nice.