Joe runs the Content Marketing Institute and can show you how your business can use the same strategy that ESPN, the Huffington Post, and the NY Times all use to grow. The marketing of the future is all about brands telling stories. Are you?


Here’s what we learned about Joe:


  • He plans to write a book every 2 years.


  • He built his business “Content Marketing Institute” from nothing by studying other businesses.


  • Inc. Magazine named them the Fastest Growing Business Media Company in 2014.


  • Focus on the things you can stop doing…And stop doing them.


  • Focus on 1 content type and deliver consistently.


  • Your audience will tell you what you what you should sell.


  • His 6 steps that he calls “Content Inc.” give a plan to grow ANY business:


1. The Sweet Spot- Where can you be the expert?

2. Content Tilt- Find your niche

3. Build the Base

4. Harvest your Audience


Listen to the podcast to hear the rest!


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