Jason Hartman wants to save the middle class from Wall Street. He is a real estate and branding expert, author, podcaster, and has interviewed over 500 expert guests including Presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Mark Everson


Here’s a little more about Jason:


  • Jason attended his first real estate seminar at 16


  • He became a real estate agent at 19


  • He has produced over 3000 episodes of 20 different podcasts


And some things we learned from him:


  • Jason doesn’t believe in traditional networking.


  • People don’t have relationships with logos, they have relationships with people, that’s why you need to brand yourself.


  • If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything.


  • Don’t worry about people who don’t like and/or agree with you. That just means you’re doing something right.


  • Wall Street is the modern version of organized crime.


  • Work on being #1 with a small group, not #2 for a large group.


  • He recently launched new podcasts – The Longevity Show; and a new business – The Veritas News Network


Here’s how to contact Jason:







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