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Doug is dead. He picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Seriously though, Doug is in Kansas City doing a speaking gig, but he forgot to bring a mic so he’s dead to me and I’m going it alone. 




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I’m ready to break the law for you. If you’re under age, then I’m ready to break even MORE laws for you, our listeners. That’s how much I love you guys.


Signature advice ABC- Always Be Closing, that’s important, but it’s also Important to Always Be Learning.


Don’t ever be “The smartest guy in the room.” Great ideas can come from anywhere. (WWE CO Vince McMahon weekly meeting)


Read lots of books There’s always something to learn, even if you don’t agree with every concept. Don’t like to read? Then listen, there are great audiobook versions


Listen to Podcasts- You’re doing great listening right now!


Mastermind groups They are all over, find one. Find two.


Take your competition out to lunch They can be a wealth of valuable information.


Talk to your customers– They can teach you lots.


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He has interviewed big names like John Lee Dumas, Hal Elrod and Pat Flynn.

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