Most of us have two of them, some of us only have one. Depending on your situation you may not even have 1. What am I talking about, have you guessed it? Of course I am NOT talking about cars, but rather NIPPLES. Yes, it’s true — Molly Borman the Founder and CEO of Just Nips Fake Nipples…designed to make you look cold and feel HOT!

I discovered Molly’s Instagram feed a few months ago and was immediately captured. So I nipped it in the bud, but only because I wanted to stay abreast of the latest nipple news. Otherwise I might feel like a boob…soooo, welcome Molly to the Nice Guys podcast.

Show notes by show producer/podcastologist: One of the Taylor Sisters

Connect with Molly Borman:

Twitter: @JustNipsForAll




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