Here’s a bit to know about Roy Assad:


He has been coaching entrepreneurs for 15 years.


-He and his team have worked with companies such as Hostess, Nissan, Midas, Whirlpool, Duke, Vanderbilt and Yale Universities. 


-He is a master at increasing efficiency.


-He has recently launched his passion project “Muses & Visionaries Magazine”, you can see it at


And what we learned from him:


-Entrepreneurs are often standing in the way of their own success.


-Don’t think outside the box, instead just throw the box away.


-Roy feels that women are more apt to learn than men, so they are easier to coach.


-Women define their success in different ways.


-His company does Leadership Consulting and Retained Executive searches as well as business coaching.



Get in touch with Roy Assad:

The Human Capital Group, LLC.

Muses and Visionaries Magazine-



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