Today’s interview is with Stacey Sherman, founder of RSP Entertainment Marketing. Hear how she met Cee Lo Green, tweeted from Dick Vitale’s phone, and would rather sit on a road case than in a seat at a show. 


• Most RSP Entertainment clients are unsigned, so they need Stacey’s help really bad!

• RSP focuses mostly on publicity and media consulting for independent musical acts. 

• She set up a backstage meet and greet introduction for Dick Vitale at a Lionel Richie show (and tells a great story about it during the interview)

• Spoke about the importance of PR to a group of NARAS musicians (the Grammy people) at a NYC event

• Interviewing Lita Ford as the special guest host for the Brassy Broadcast


What did we learn from the interview:


• She is all about promoting other people.

• Others think she is a unicorn because magical, weird connection things happen to her. 

•  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The smartest people realize that they don’t know everything. You can learn something from everyone you meet if you are open minded.

• People matter. Treat people with the respect and simple courtesy that everyone deserves and you might be surprised how far you’ll get.

•  Getting thrown out of your comfort zone can sometimes be just the thing you need to start doing what you were really supposed to be doing all along.

• Trying to get musicians signed is not as glamourous as you might think, it’s a lot of work and there is a ton of rejection.

• She’s all about projecting a professional business image, but loves to drop the “F-Bomb” in her personal life. 

• At a show, she is most comfortable backstage sitting on a road case. 


Reach out to Stacey:

RSP Entertainment Marketing

Twitter or Facebook- @RSPEntMktg


Special shout out to The Jefferson Clinton Hotel, Syracuse, NY. This is Stacey’s FAVORITE hotel and they excel at over top customer service. Check them out here and tell them The Nice Guys sent you. 


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