Ross Barber connected with The Nice Guys on Twitter and we have been stalking him ever since. All the way from the UK, Ross is a website designer who specializes in music websites. Here’s a little more about him: 


• Ross has been doing web design since he was 12 years old. 

• His business started as the result of a Twitter conversation.

• He works with musicians and creative businesses that he admires and looks up to including Cyber PR Music, Tyler Hilton & Supreme Entertainment Artists

• He is a speaker, being booked for engagements including the university I graduated from, and a local meetup about music marketing

• His podcast “Bridge the Atlantic” has featured some of the following artists:

○  Singer/songwriter/actor Tyler Hilton 

○ X Factor UK’s Janet Devlin 

○ The Spill Canvas frontman Nick Thomas

• He actually listens to our show! (or so he says, we choose to believe him)


Contact Ross at 

Ross’ custom web design-

Podcast- Bridge the Atlantic


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