Today we speak with successful entrepreneur, author, and podcaster Kevin Craine


Here are a few things to know about Kevin Craine:


• Marketing and communications expert

• He is a guitar instructor and wrote the book “First time guitar buyer’s guide”

• Opened The Craine Communications Group when he was downsized from a large company

• Writer, content creator, interviewer and podcaster

• He created such a good system that he wasn’t needed anymore! Bad when you are working for someone else, but a great plan for your own company.

• Kevin realizes that different size companies need different things and have different strengths and weaknesses

• His podcast is “The Everyday MBA”  

• Craine Communications creates “Knowledge Leadership Content” here are some tips:

• Be Proactive, not Reactive

• Planning helps you separate what’s most important in your business. 

• Stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you


Software that he uses and recommends:






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