The best entrepreneur advice you will ever hear from today’s ambush interview with Andrea Lake. This will help you redefine how to approach starting your new business. 


Today the nice guys talk to Andrea Lake who runs among other businesses. We can’t even call this an “interview”, because it’s more like a bunch of friends hanging out and talking about business, and this is exactly why Doug does all the interviews alone, otherwise we our guests would never get a word in.


Things we learned from Andrea: 


• Never ask a woman her age, and never ask a monkey what he’s smoking. 

• Sticker Junkie was started as an accident, because of demand from customers.

• The secret of her success is hiring amazing people.

• Hire the right people, and do whatever it takes to keep them happy (didn’t we say that on episode 31, “Hire the right people”?…)

• The harder you work, the more lucky you get, they go hand in hand.

• Don’t get overwhelmed with the big picture, look at 1 piece at a time. 

• The Sticker Junkie Monkey is a rough and tumble monkey. He’s not politically correct. He’s a rebel, unlike Doug.



More about Andrea:

• She owns 5 other companies along with Sticker Junkie.

• Andrea loves business the way some people love football.

• She was on “The Apprentice”.

• She taught an entrepreneurship class at Harvard.

• Her clothing company Delinquent Distribution owns the sales rights to merchandise for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and The Walking Dead video games.

• She is partners with Tap Out clothing founder Dan Caldwell with, they offer online “rocket ship” courses to teach you everything you actually need to know to start a business.

• One of her companies is all about how to convert interest into sales, and includes step-by-step instructions from entrepreneurs who are dominating their industries.  

• Think you’ve had it bad? Andrea once had $2 million dollars in merchandise returned, and the same week had one of her companies on Oprah result in 70 sales. No, that’s not a typo- An appearance on Oprah only got her 70 sales. 


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