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Show Notes by Production Assistant – Anna Nygren



  • Ask for references!
  • Build your resume through extra certifications and get more experience


Life Coach vs. Business Coach

  • Life coaching is more direct and more about accountability than business coaching
  • The key to success once you’ve hired a coach, is results
    • Results that you’ve defined with your coach, in detail
  • The coach needs to really get into the hearts of his/her clients
    • Keep an open line of communication to allow for revisions
  • Being an entrepreneur = working overtime
  • One of the key mistakes is not understanding your numbers – what expansion looks like/costs, etc.
  • Another big mistake is not networking enough
  • No one does this — i.e. entrepreneur, business, career etc. — alone
  • Consistency is in the top three factors that get you to your goals


Closing Lines

  • Having a coach is not for everyone
    • Control freaks? Nope.
    • You need a desire to learn and improve
  • Understand your cash flow
  • Network more!


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