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  • Call Doug and talk to him every Wednesday, [5:00]-[6:30] PM EST at  410-340-6861. You can try him outside of that 90 minute window, but there’s no guarantee that he will answer.
  • Whatever you do, DON’T call 4242-DJ Doug during that 90 minute window (or any of the other 10,010 minutes available during the week) and leave a message, because it may not work. We have no actual evidence of this, but Doug is kind of afraid of technology that he doesn’t understand and given that we’ve been begging you all to call and there have been no messages (well there have been some, just not recently)  he has made the assumption that dozens of people have tried to call and it has failed every time. At least that’s his story, and he’s sticking to it, so please, whatever you do, DON’T call 4242-DJ Doug anytime day or night.


  • [16:10]. That’s how far out have to skip forward if you want to get past us arguing over the phone number. Don’t worry, we won’t be offended. We won’t even know.
  •  So why does Starbucks charge $4.95 for a cup of coffee? Right, because they can.
  • Do you like craft beer? Call Doug at 410-340-6862 between [5:00]-[6:30] EST on Wednesday and tell him all about it (or you can try to leave a message at 4242-DJ-Doug ANYTIME and pray that it actually works.)
  • Strick is drinking Bulleit Rye tonight-
  • He also likes!/flavors/orange-cream-pop
  • But Doug prefers
  • Tomorrow will be an interview so we can get through our backlog of interviews, so 3 interviews a week and 2 of us. Let us know what you think.


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410-340-6861 Call Doug. As long as it is Wednesday, [5:00]-[6:30] EST. Any of the other 10,010 minutes of the week you can call 4242-DJ Doug and cross your fingers that it works. 


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