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  • What practical approach are you taking to set goals?
    • Are you trying to visualize where you’ll be in a year?
  • Around 95% of people don’t write down their goals
    • And only 1% of those who do write them down actually have a follow through plan for those goals


Facebook… Live!

  • Spend 10 minutes this week or weekend and just look at what your strategy is for goal setting. Take it off the back burner.
  • Why is Facebook pushing who is “live” so much? Notifications, e’ryday…
    • Doug does care about his Facebook friends but doesn’t need to know daily updates… much love
  • When was the last cool new feature update with Facebook?
  • Vine has been shut down! Ah!
  • Is the “Live” feature really that exciting?


Closing Lines

  • Don’t forget, be that 1% that takes goal setting to a new level. We believe in you!
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