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Here are some of the questions you will hear about today:

So start dishing…what the hell is that all about. I would have been petrified. Where to you keep your slide advancer? No pockets.

Tell our nice guy community what you do Sandra?

What do you hear when you hear the term authentic living?

You are no stranger to fear, nor to reinvention. You wrote a book called Switch: Time for a change. Can you talk about your reinvention?

I would hardly call 60 old age, and you are looking good for ANY age, but spend a moment talking self limiting doubts and what that can mean to someone’s career?

You’ve been pictured (actually 15 pictures) on HuffPost as The Dominatrix with Her Client That’s got to feel very empowering and powerful, you are so open to the world, it’s also gotta be a bit scary too. Talk about that for a moment

I’m curious how you would answer our quick play questions. See if you can follow the 5 questions with an answer under 20 seconds each…ready?

Be relatable, what do you suck at?

Be transparent how did you pay your bills when you first got going?

Be confident, what do you do as an entrepreneur as good as it gets?

Be humble, what experts did you need to call upon to make shit happen?

Be realistic, where are you going to be in 90 days? How far into the future can you see.

Check out her book ” Switch: Time for a Change” My memoir of my journey from holistic practitioner to NYC Dominatrix at 55 after losing everything.


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