Craig loves helping people, and helping them avoid the tragedy of opening a business in the wrong location or negotiate inferior lease terms . Hear all about it in The Nice Guys today.


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Here are some of the questions you’ll hear on the interview today:


Why is everyone so afraid of negotiation?


What do you do for a living and how have you gotten so good at negotiating?


You work in the leasing space, so your industry is real estate. One of the oldest professionals out there, technology has really changed what you do, but what is something that hasn’t changed in your industry?


I love that you have a pretty eclectic background. I saw in doing some research you owned a car wash for a short period of time. How fun was that?


How has business changed over the past 30 plus years….is it easier to do business or more challenging now?


We all know relationships are key to building a big business. Give me a tactic or two you put into action daily to build your business relationships?


What is something we could do tomorrow to be a more effective negotiator?


Ron Shapiro, The power of Nice author and legendary sports agent was on the podcast over a year ago talking about the need for everyone to win in a negotiation. What does that mean to you?


What is the right and wrong way to select a site and negotiate a lease?


What do you think our audience of entrepreneurs would want to hear from you?


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Reach Us Here:

Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz

Production Assistant – Anna Nygren

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