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Politics and Finding that Damn Pony

  • It is official, The Nice Guys are in demand
  • There is so much crap that goes on in life, there has to be a pony
    • If you want things to happen, you have got to be joyful with what you are doing
    • For example, find the humor in our presidential nominees
  • You make change because you have to
  • You only time you turn around, is when you hit rock bottom…. Is America close to that bottom?
  • Everything, especially in politics, is NOT black and white
  • Maryland has legalized the growth of marijuana in the state… what, what?!
  • Where is the money going from casinos? Definitely not to the adjoining neighborhood
    • That money is being taxed by the state and distributed by the state… hmmm
  • Doug’s Harley got recalled because the clutch slips sporadically. Noooooo
  • Doug think he tries to do too much
    • Doug may be a control freak, maybe


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Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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