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Joel Boggess: A Man That is Anything But Bogus



  • Joel did not get to where he did by accident, it took a conscious effort
    • Joel has been on the opposite side of his wife’s dream before
      • He. Worked. Through. It.
  • Joel started out in radio that sparked the flame to Joel’s passion

Relaunching Yourself in Life

  • Joel heard a lot about people struggling but also the success that followed personally, professionally etc.
    • Discussing both sides makes the podcast guest, human
  • The difference maker is taking action despite the mess ups
  • Podcasting is the new networking
  • Anytime people can develop an edge with their message, it’ll make it
  • Doing is the new planning
    • Because when you take that first step, you can plan the next step
  • You cannot steer a parked car


  • If you do the work to get in touch with who you really are on the inside, that is all you and those you love need
    • Figure out the best way to communicate that and contribute that to those around you

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Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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