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  • Paul vacationed in South America and realized that corporate America was not where he wanted to be
    • Paul then combined all of the things that he enjoyed and was good at
  • Paul bought one franchise (TGA) and grew it into 4 franchises
    • So he sold them, like a boss, and is now in charge of business development for TGA


Developing 24/7

  • Timing was everything when Paul sold his franchises
  • Customer service is evident no matter what position you hold in a company
    • Making sure that the customers feel their needs are met is crucial
  • Consumers can get just about anything, anywhere nowadays
    • Most services and products are being sold as commodities
    • So doing the little things (i.e. answering emails, returning phone calls, connecting on more than just a business level) matters more than ever
  • Reputation plays a massive role when approaching schools, especially in 2016, to implement your program
    • You need to try your best to be the expert in your field


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Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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