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  • A lot of success and failure, own it all
    • The power from learning from your mistake is critical to growth
  • If someone shows a spark of wanting more, leaders will want to fuel that fire
    • Leaders create more leaders
  • It does not matter if your team is 1 man or 500 men, foster a creative environment
    • Do NOT just hire someone to fill a spot
  • The customer is the beginning, middle and end of your transaction
  • Family life and work life is tough stuff, find good role models
  • Grow your business, but at a sustainable pace
    • Some seasons might just be about sustaining
    • Stay present and keep working at it
  • Age does not matter, because a 20-something can teach a fifty-something too
  • Reach out on a personal level
    • Recognize someone on a daily basis and what role they play in your life
    • Say thank you for putting up with your shit
  • That book that is just collecting dust? Write a note in it, send it to a friend and share the knowledge that lifted you up
  • There are no shortcuts
  • If you want twice as much out of life, work twice as hard



Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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