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  • He believes in being nice and being successful
  • Mistakes happen, but is it what happens next that really counts
  • What is Ghost blogger? Ghost writing for bloggers. Pretty straight forward


The Importance of Blogging


  • It gives people a reason to come to your website
  • The more content you have, the more likely you will be found in your industry
  • You could be helping people with a variety of questions
  • Long or short? Depends on the audience!
  • Shorter, pointed info is better for entrepreneurs
  • How do people find the content that you are creating? Sharing your posts on social media, e-mail list, guest posting, etc.
  • Consistency is key!!!!


The Frontier of Blogging


  • There is room for text, audio and video forms! Snap, tweet or chat all day, er’y day
  • It is all about shooting for your audiences platform


Action Steps


  • Separate the brainstorming and writing part. Come up with 5 ideas once a month and spread those ideas out weekly
  • Get a schedule going


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Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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