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Sean Glaze: Aim for Excellence and Find Success on the Way



  • The best thing about where you work is the people and the most challenging thing is the people
  • Talent is essential but never sufficient


Team Building 101

  • Team building is not just team bonding
  • You need to know who you are so you can know who you need to surround yourself with
  • Just because you are not a lion or a golden retriever (personality trait profiles) does not mean that you cannot be a leader
  • People remember and respond to three things:
    • Images
    • Experiences
    • Stories
  • Successful Debriefing Summary:
    • What happened: Discuss the experience
    • So what: The better the analysis questions, the more our eyes are open to the people around us
    • Now what: what are the actions that you are going to take
  • Ask yourself: Who is the best teammate that you have ever had? What made them the best?
  • Technology is incredibly engaging, fun and different
    • However, high tech has low impact
    • The acquaintances that you develop through technology have a tendency to be shallow
  • Strong relationships are the foundation of the collaboration that every entrepreneur wants to build
    • You cannot connect the dots unless you have collected the dots
  • Our job is to create content
    • Is that building a relationship?
    • Is that posting a video or writing a blog?
  • Focus on the people, not the numbers
  • Aim for excellence, and you will find success on the way


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