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Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz


For anyone wondering why it sounds funny, this is our 200th episode and was recorded live in Strickland’s basement.



  • Mantra Munchies, yummm
    • Kendall Callahan, CEO of Mantra Munchies
    • It is good shit for you, for example…
      • Chia
      • Goji berries
      • Coconut
    • It may look somewhat like a green turd
  • Attention: The T-Shirt Design has been revealed, Funkin Fans
    • Rosario from the “Quit Bitchin Coalition” was a major factor, thank you
  • Laura Cannon, live!
    • You cannot be all business all of the time, you have to take care of yourself
    • Don’t beat yourself up about the stuff that you “should” be doing
  • Ep. 83 John Lee Dumas’ interview was a struggle for Doug
    • Doug was focusing on the next question rather than delving into his answers
  • Stacey Sherman from RSP, live!
    • Doug can say the word “fuck” without being worried about offending someone
    • Rock stars are people that are kind, that are respectful to others and that treat their own people like rock stars
    • Customer Service can transcend any situation can make everyone feel like a rock star
      • Have a new co-worker? Find something out about them – do they like puppies or the Seahawks? – then get them a cute puppy T-shirt or a Seahawks mug
  • Sunny, live!
    • Sunny is officially no longer a tattoo virgin
      • Her tattoo says, “Stand in the Light”
    • Sunny’s first car was a 1986 Gold Honda Accord
  • Steve, live!
    • Steve was in the radio world for 32 years
    • We love Steve!
    • Steve has been interviewed, so go to and search for his podcast

Closing Lines

  • The 2 days of the week that Doug enjoys the most, is when they record and when he posts the podcasts
  • The path to making this a business is becoming more clear for the NIce Guys on Business
    • Goals for 2017, exciting!


Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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