Success is not always achieved by the fastest, the smartest, the richest or even to the most capable people out there. Action will help you achieve your goals. Inaction is a dream crusher. These 11 tips will help you stay focused on your dreams.


1. In order to hit a target, you’ve got to have a target. First, setting goals will help you visualize where you want to be and second, if you don’t set goals, how will you know when you get there? 

2. Set realistic expectations.  Many people quit because they have an unrealistic expectation of how quickly they want to reach their goal.

3. Big goals need to be made into bite size nuggets. Once you’ve set your goals, take it a step further and break them down into daily tasks. 

4. Be prepared for the roadblocks.  Don’t fall prey to excusitis.

5. Set a realistic date for your goals.  Set a realistic date, be as specific as possible and look at it every day. As you start to close in on the date, make a push to reach your goal. Get excited when you see the finish line and work hard to make it happen.

6. Make sure you can measure your progress. I am usually able to find a victory in one of the analytics I use. Measurable progress is a must.

7. Reward yourself along the way. Keeping your head in the game is the cause for celebration and you must not allow yourself to get into a negative funk. Negativity will squash your dreams faster than the Grinch’s run through Whoville.

8. Watch what happens along the way. Speaker, author and successful businessman Brian Tracy says of luck, “I found luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active, show up more often.”

9. Make yourself accountable to someone. Do not remain silent about your goals. It is critical that you find someone that will not let you off the hook so easily when you falter.

10. Own it. Speak it into existence. When you talk about your goals and dreams, don’t talk about what you are going to do, talk about what you are doing to make it happen. Less wishing, more doing. Want to be an author? First, start writing. Second, when someone asks you what you do, tell them proudly, you are a writer.


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