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Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz




  • We are searching for a T-shirt design for the Nice Guys on Biz
    • If your design wins, you will win a free T-shirt with your design on it!
  • Doug graduated college in ‘86, Strickland never finished.
  • International Male Magazine, Doug was an avid reader
  • Has there ever been a male counterpart for Victoria’s Secret?
    • Why do men not have lacy, sexy panties?
  • Strick is not paying $22 for a pair of underwear

Main Convo

  • The 200th episode is NEXT WEEEEK!
    • It will be a live stream only on our FB community
  • Does Steve O’Brien listen to the show?
  • Disco, Progressive, Punk and Funk were the genres of music Doug experienced in his youth
    • Why are there SO MANY nowadays?
    • It is because everybody wants to be somebody!
  • Subcategorization, when will it be considered overkill?
    • Who came up with Kindergarten graduation?

Closing Lines

  • You can have great service, but unless you care  about your customers you will not create a loyal following
  • Coming Soon.. Whenever there is income… there will be a Nice Guy Conference for the loyal rabid fans


Show notes: Production Assistant – Anna Nygren


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