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2 Different Types of Clients….

  • Have achieved success but now they feel like they are missing something
  • Others are leading heavily from the heart while trying to adapt to a capitalist market

At the end of people’s life, they are not talking about accomplishments but rather the things/people that they love.

Getting Into the Health and the Heart…

  • The work/life balance is very elusive, there really is no such thing.
    • Focus on work life integration. Because if you run your own business, there is no way to turn one type of life off.
  • The person that shows up every day to run a business is the same person going home to a husband or a wife.
  • What is most important is giving yourself the time and making the time to meditate. Start with just one or two minutes.
    • Meditation  grows our ability to handle the salty moments in life

Action Step to Feel Your Business More…

  • Close your eyes, really think about what life is like when your 80.
    • And you are looking back at what you deem “success” to be
      • Find 3 words to describe how that success feels
      • Take those words and make a way in your life to feel that a little bite more, right now
      • We really do not know what is coming next, so live those words

Laura’s Book – “The Conscious Entrepreneur”

  • Maximizing your potential for success, freedom and happiness
  • Being aware of you and what you do well
  • Talks about life/work integration
  • It is not just about business, it is about loving what you do
    • You can dig into it, with your heart and mind


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Laura’s Book:  The Conscious Entrepreneur: A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential for Success, Freedom, and Happiness


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