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 How am I Going to Compete Outside of the Corporate World?!


  • The purpose of what the corporate world was doing was not fulfilling to Carrie anymore.
  • Instead of wide-net marketing, she jumped into honing in on technology and target that perfect client.
  • If does not matter what the benefits are, if you do not love what you do, it is not worth it.
  • Having a job that you hate, it takes away your motivation and energy even after hours.


Passion Search


  • Ask yourself: “If you didn’t have to make any money, what would you do?”
  • There is nothing you can do more than display your knowledge and what you’ve done to gain the trust and attention of your niche.
  • Capitalize on people trusting you. It is about creating value and not asking anything from them except for maybe a name and an e-mail address.
  • All too often, people in marketing are going up to people and first say, “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff.” There needs to be progression.


There are 3 key ways to grow your business:

  1. Increase the amount of customers
  2. Increase the average transaction overall
  3. Increase the average transaction per customer


  • Linkedin? Facebook? Twitter? Do I need to be on that?
    • The better or bigger answer is, “It depends.” Where is your niche?
  • How are you handling current customers? Are you giving value first?
  • WHO are you marketing to? Identify the specifics, try to describe the perfect client. Then use that to advertise smartly.


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