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Recently, more business executives have begun to utilize meditation and mindfulness within the workplace. Some larger companies and corporations have even brought employees on retreats, paid instructors to come in and teach the basics, and set aside time in the weekly work schedule for folks to meditate. Sharon Salzberg knows all about this, hear more on The Nice Guys today.


Here are some of the questions we answer on the show today:


Does meditation work for everyone?

The term meditation used to be synonymous with Buddhism and religion in my mind, has that changed or is it just the perception has changed?

There are all kinds of meditation, mindfulness, lovingkindness, body scan, mantra, so many. As a newbie, how should we choose which is right for us?

Can 10 minutes of meditation a day really change your life?

Corporate america is really catching on, can you give a couple examples of what companies are doing to and why do they see the benefit to meditation in the workplace?

How can meditation help with your daily routine…things like focus and discipline?

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