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Brandon Moreno

The Man Who Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk


  • Doug – – Our guest today is Brandon Moreno, he runs a company called EverHive. What intrigued me about Brandon is that his perspective is from the other side….yes that’s right, I am talking about HR.
  • Strickland – – You’ve got to hire people who have not just the right skills, but the right attitude.
  • Brandon – – EverHive is essentially a management consulting firm with procurement for the procurement folks, for HR folks, for legal folks within an organization with how to establish an internally-ran contingent worker program instead of outsourcing it.
    • We help organizations make a road map.

Connecting to the Hustling World

  • Brandon – I have always look for organizations that have the entrepreneur spirit.
  • Gig Economy is a flexible type of workforce that could help others build their business.
    • 47% of the workforce next year will be some type of contingent, temporary or contract worker
  • Ask yourself, “What are all the different components within my business? How effective am I? Will I need to add 2 or 3 people to my team?”
  • People need to look at what they are good at and realize there are organizations out there that can take care of the weak spots
  • In general, Millennials are making up about 50% of the workforce
    • Millennials care about providing value (i.e. projects that have fulfillment)
    • Millennials absorb like a sponge, but there can be a lack humility (the ability to learn from others and realize that you may be benefiting the teacher as well)
  • Technology is shaping the workforce and entrepreneurs need to think about that

Action Steps – How to Crank Up the Heat, Safely

  • Give yourself permission to relax
    • Most of us think we have to be on 24/7
      • We don’t, there needs to be balance
  • List all of the different functions that your company does
    • No matter what the size of your company (1 man or 30), write different subcategories within your business – i.e. communications, finance etc.
      • Do you need someone to help you in one of those?
  • It is really about networking and expressing what you need
    • It is ok to say, “I need help”
  • You have to do your due diligence
    • Be extremely thorough before committing your business with another specialization company
  • If there is momentum and interest in the business, if it comes with ease and connections are being made, that is a sign to keep going

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