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Matt Holmes has a pool and hot tub in his office and says DON’T quit your day job. He’s helping entrepreneurs meet the right people faster, in a bigger way than we are today. Hear it all on The Nice Guys today. Here are some of the questions that Matt answers today:


What’s on a billionaire’s agenda? I would assume they are BIG picture people?


What is your best networking tip?


Finance 101 in business would tell you to NOT max out a card to or several cards to build a business, yet you defied the odds and did just that. How did it work out for you?


You have a whole video series on YouTube…and you do a lot of hugging, what was your goal with the series?


How do you find YouTube as a marketing channel?


What’s the first place entrepreneurs should start when considering launching their business?


I love that you say, don’t quit your day job…seems so obvious, but how can you do it all? How do you find balance when you are doing so much working 2, 3 or 4 jobs?


So, you’ve got a book out there also: Handshakin Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success. You talk about one of the biggest aspects to us in the Nice Guy world of building business, not through mergers and alliances or investment strategies, but thru networking. What do you say to the guy that simply says, I’m not good at networking?


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