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(Audio updated, OOPS!)

Doug brags about his Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Strickland doesn’t mention his Schwinn.


The new and improved (read: shorter) Nice Guys Promise Statement


Strickland’s dad complains about all the F-Bombs.


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The rules according to Jimmy Johns.


Nice Guy Community- Tweet out to us, and tell us if you knew what “Let the wookie win” meant before we explained it.


[27:20] Spoiler Alert!- Skip past this if you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects yet, but tweet out to us if you got the Verbal Kint/Frank Underwood read from the great Steve O’Brien.


Listener E-Mail (you’re really listening!) from Stacey Sherman who answers our burning questions.


I’m a few eps behind and you probably already got these answered.

Chef from South Park was voiced by Isaac Hayes (sang theme from Shaft).  He died in 2008, but he was the one who did the Salty Balls song Strick was talking about.

Michael Crawford was the original Phantom

I saw that same show in Vegas with David Cassidy. Wow.


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Thanks Stacey!!!


Back to Jimmy Johns, and their most important rule- Wear Pants.


See it in action:


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