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Ryan Ayres has worked with Microsoft, Ford, SI Golf Group and many others to help them create and improve on their systems and processes. Hear how it can help your small business on The Nice Guys today.

Systems and Processes- Ryan’s mission is to help you make more money and get control of your time. He is technical, process driven and big business experienced, but he knows about the human side of the equation also. Here’s more that you’ll hear today:

– What’s the difference between Systems and Processes?

– What channels work best for a company trying to reach the market like you for coaching and process improvement?

– What happens to the tech dummies like me out there, do we all have to hire a guy like you or is there a way to learn the specs and do it ourselves?

– What big mistakes do you commonly see being made when building systems in small companies?

– Where do you invest your money in your business?

– On your videos and in your podcast, you talk  a lot about living your purpose. What does that look like to you?

– Ryan hosts a monthly strategy and value based webinar called Real Solutions To Real Business problems. In the webinar he provides solutions to real issues that will immediately impact the bottom line and free time of a business owner. This isn’t hypothetical 10X your company in 5-days mumbo jumbo. Check it out here: http://www.focus53.com/realsolutionswebinar


– See his company Focus 53 here- http://www.focus53.com/ Download Ryan’s free “Top 15 Tools Every Business Needs”

– Hear his podcast, Focus 53- http://www.focus53.com/podcast-home/

Contact Ryan- ryan@focus53.com


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