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Best Buy, Coastal Flatts, Sprint – BAD. Kohl’s, Facebook group, Brittany at the Sprint Store- GOOD. Hear the details on The Nice Guys today.

Here are all the random things you’ll hear on the podcast today:

– @Thedangrice- Dan Rice creates our amazing show art. He must have spent at least 10 minutes in PhotoShop creating it. 

– Joshua L. Johnson- @GreatLifeJosh, check out this episode-  

Live The Great Life Podcast with Josh Johnson- Strickland’s favorite episode

– Doug’s mom gets an iMac but the guys at Best Buy have no idea what they’re talking about, and their customer service sucks.

– Kohl’s on the other hand, is at the top of our Nice Guy great service list. 

– Coastal Flatts tries to kick Doug out the door.

– Doug has to remember everything working at a male strip club.

– Doug doesn’t care about the money, and he hates Sprint.

– But he does love Brittany from the Sprint Store. Here’s the in-store footage of Doug and Brittany: Mr. Incredible as Brittany, Doug’s the old lady

– Doug talks about this obscure guy, Howard something….Stern. That’s it, Howard Stern.

– No time to get to this, but you can read the blog here: 12 worries that every entrepreneur has

Bumping Matt Damon

F#$&ing Matt Damon


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