I could come up with a better title, but then I might be lying about today’s content, so in the interest of transparency…It’s the Nice Guys shooting the sh#t.


Intro from one of our best fans Sean Carpenter-@seancarp


12 worries that every Entrepreneur has. If they don’t, they’re lying. This is what we WERE going to talk about, but we never actually got to it, so listen for that next week or check out Doug’s blog 12 worries that every entrepreneur has


What would you like to ask Katheryn Budig about health and wellness, or Dr. Carmen Simon about the Art of Influence? Email questions to us at Doug@Dougsandler.com or call 42-42 DJ Doug.


We love our listeners, and they love us too! Here’s an E-Mail we got from Stephanie Sersland- @ssersland


Greetings to THE NICE GUYS from Iowa!  I just wanted to send a message telling you and Strickland how much I enjoy The Nice Guys podcast!  I left a review on iTunes, but also wanted to deliver it directly to you.  Love the intros, the interviews and both of your podcast styles!


I heard of The Nice Guys from Sean Carpenter.  I do agree with you Doug, Sean does know all the cool kids!!! 


When I am listening to your podcasts, I take notes and I share what I have heard/learned with my office of Realtors.  I have encouraged them to jump on to one of your podcasts so I am sure you will gain a few more listeners!


Have a fan”flippn”tastic Memorial Day Weekend!


Hear Strickland’s kids scream in the background ([23:27])


Ocean’s 11- The Mormon Twins


Tay Zonday sings “Chocolate Rain”


Chocolate Salty Balls


Dave Grohl and Animal- drum battle


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