Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner go over the 7 critical questions you must ask yourself before deciding to go into business on your own. Are you ready to be your own boss?


1. Do you like to work long hours?

2. Are challenging customers going to be challenging for you?

3. Do you like to wear many hats at work?

4. Are you OK with zero benefits?

5. A down economy is no excuse for poor business?

6. How many sick days and vacation days do you want? 

7. Do you want a raise?


Bonus- Don’t like working for the Man? Try being The Man


Doug and Strickland go into all the details of every question above, critical questions to ask yourself before making the leap to quitting your day job and going it on your own. Below are links to some of the friends of the show, feel free to visit their websites as well:

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