This is our show full of shout-outs, and we try to squeeze some good advice in between…But you may have to really pay attention to find it.

– So Russel Clayton, Ph.D. (Damn right, it’s DOCTOR Clayton to you!) who teaches an MBA class on Organizational Behavior at Saint Leo University used our Arianna Huffington “Sleep Revolution” episode in his class! Thanks Russel, but I’m guessing today’s episode won’t be showing up in “organizational behavior” class, unless it’s a cautionary tale of how not to stay focused. 

– Mohammad- Where’s our Nice Guys intro in Farsi???

– Ashley Taylor Yanello- @ataylory

Check out her Real Talk podcast here-

She curses even more than we do! But please record an intro for the show and explain what “High vibe like what” means.


-Doug gives advice to Joshua Johnson about writing his book. Hey Joshua, when you contacted Doug, you didn’t tell us what a Nice Guy you were! Check out his really cool, uplifting, positive videos on his website

Find him on Twitter @GreatLifeJosh

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney


Here’s the book advice Joshua:

Step 1- Grow your network

Step 2- Find someone who has written a book already

Step 3- Have a coherent message

Step 4- Come up with a plan to get it done.

And maybe find a coach like Rob Jolles at


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