I’m gonna let the Zoom recap do the notes this week because I like how they refer to “The middle wife.” (They? He? She? I don’t want to offend Zoom by using the wrong pronouns, he/she/they may stop doing my job for me.)

1. Strickland and Doug compared their podcast to Mike Rowe’s show, discussed Mike’s net worth and income, and struggled with balancing audio levels during their recording.

2. Strickland and Doug discussed their podcast, daily routines, age gaps in relationships, experiences with Jeffrey Gitomer, and business growth challenges.

3. Strickland and Doug shared experiences with Emily and the middle wife during their Yosemite trip, Emily’s Portland, Maine trip, and the possibility of meeting her in Las Vegas.

4. Doug and Strickland expressed dislike for marketing, shared negative experiences with marketing companies, and discussed business growth challenges.

5. Strickland and Doug planned for their upcoming podcast, discussed show content and strategy, and agreed on the importance of being topical and up-to-date.

6. Doug and Strickland discussed the origins of the names of the months in the calendar, different attitudes towards dressing up, taking breaks, and an upcoming old-school buffet event.

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