“Let me start by saying I would like to be considered the most trusted name in podcasting. However, as it stands currently, that would be Michael Barbaro. That’s fine, I’ll be his co-host. Move over Sabrina Tavernise, here I come.”

~Doug Sandler

Managing Clients: Strickland and Doug’s Experience

Strickland and Doug discussed their experience managing a recent client meeting and calming the clients down. They also reviewed previous discussions with Ashley and a two-hour meeting focused on resolving complex issues. Doug shared his defensive reaction during the client meeting, which he hoped didn’t come across as rude. Strickland pointed out that Doug might have overstepped in his defense and misinterpreted what Strickland had said. They also touched upon their different approaches to handling clients, with Strickland being more confrontational in emails and Doug in meetings. They ended the discussion reflecting on how they handle clients they want to fire versus those they want to keep.

AI Summary Discussion in Zoom

Doug and Strickland discussed the AI companion, Summary, in Zoom which provides a summary of the topics discussed and action items from meetings. Doug expressed appreciation for the feature and its learning ability with usage. However, Strickland pointed out that the AI sometimes includes irrelevant details. Both agreed on the overall benefits of using the feature. Doug also recommended Zoom’s automated scheduler, praising its affordability and functionality, and suggested that non-regular Zoom users might find it worthwhile to add for a fee if needed.

Podcasting Practices and Demands

Doug and Strickland discussed their experiences with podcasting, which they have been doing for over seven years. They talked about the demands of podcasting, and Doug presented a list of the top 10 actions real podcastors do every day. Strickland disagreed with several of these items, arguing that they did not align with their podcasting practices. They also touched upon the topic of networking and content planning but did not delve into details.

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